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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Boring tahap *NGERR*

Assalam.. mode: ENTRY MENGARUT
..act, entry kali nih sy cuma nk hilangkan bosan yg tgh melanda dlmjiwa hinggakan sy xtaw mw buat apa..
tak puas hati gn sesorang nih.. she is my family neighbour, but sometime i feel bored when she came to our house.. apalagi kalo time mood x0k, mang sy lyn mw xmw jx.. n hope dat god make her realized dat i really need my space of on my own dat time.. pa lg time men plants vs zombies nih n suddenly she cames wif her child, mang stress sgt2!
     of course her children bley buat sy smile time2 sedih nih.. but when my mood cam trash at drain, confirm sy ngaku i wish i could have a power to mute them all.. know why?
     Tym men game tuh la durang brebut mw picit keyboard lappy, dh la bising cam apa jx.. yalarh my neighbour would scold them one by one but sometime dy kc biar jx tu budak2 dy n sa tw.. dy pun penat mw tegur.. and time tuh ada setan bebisik di hati sa smpay sa pun mula rajin buat keja suma n hope durang pulang la cepat2.. yup, i hate my attitude tp sa pun urang biasa jugak bha..
     n, if u read diz PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!!! sy malaz kamurang kacau sy even sometime sa perlu kwn b'cerita tp i really need space. Bukan maw tiap hari kamu dtg p bising2 depan mata sy.. huh.. even my very own husband give me space for myself..
     Another new neighbour.. please told your daughter,, behave yourself! i knew u od told her for being nice at others house but thats not enough.. dulu2, kalo kmi bising di rumah org kn kwn, paling2 kulit tekupas jx.. not enough? hahahaha.. paling bawah dh tuh.. dh la your daughter mengaco jx smpai byk brg rusak.. we bought it n not free at all.. your son plak m'buli jx my daughter.. even me xpena cubit2 pun my daughter tw.. tp, i can accept ur excuse.. budak2, mang gtew.. xtw apa2.. yaa, i knew it but fkir2 la bha.. tw your children nakal2 xpyh dtg umah.. nah sa dgr dh sora ko.. mw chow dlu!

ps sa busan, jan marah!


  1. Your blog has left me a very nice impression. It is simply amazing.

    1. even i dont really understand which way of nice impression that i show but i really appreciate every comment that all my viewers left.. since im very new to this blogging world, hope all blogger would share an advice.. btw, tQvm!^^