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Monday, 30 July 2012

doodle utk adik.. ^^


doodle above was a doodle which i've been made for my one and only younger sister.
seriously, its my first muslimah doodle ever but failed to upload it on blog
because i save it by SAI not PNG.

thats why i asked kak azzah how to save this doodle. So funny, its easy actually..
its me that too lazy to try a new thing by myself..

my sister asked me to doodle her and two of her bestfriend on her old school sk kundasang ranau..
now, she transferred to sk pinausok.

Udow or her full name Afza Munyati was my sister..
Najwa and Nur Basyirah was her bestfriend..
miss my sister..

doodle above is just for fun..
make it while 'berpantang'.. wakaka
is it flower or what??
dunno.. but can anyone give it a name?
how bout 'tagarangon'?
Dusunese would understand it..

p/s   DUSUNESE??? oh My English! hentam saja sebenarnya..

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