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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Its when we cry for other happiness

its all over now. yes, all of u were lucky to have that great rich paents that can give u anything u want then.
but as for us, we really didnt care even we wore an ugly, cheap and old dress that we bought from Tamu. its because we have that loving heart, thinking about never mind that we wore that ugly clothes as long as we have something to wear and hoping the our parents have more to spent for our younger siblings. its us. me and my cousin.
     when u walk our path u'll hoping that u wont stand there on our place, not wearing our shoes. really. u may say its a nightmare if u stay connected to us, but when we think of it. we cheer happily. we survive that moment that u blame us for wearing that torn shirt. ugly pants. old shoes.
     u might say that we have unresponsible ancestor, but u would never knew how your ancestor take our piece of land where my ancestor little piece of heart lying.
     u talk to us soft, but u heart laughing to death because of us. but now, really its all over. why?

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